Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Chair of textile and fashion design


Photo: DK


Cocoon: "I stand and wait. I think about the changes around me; about the development of actions to support my thoughts. I wish for progress, but I still stay inside the cocoon. I find it absurd to just fulfill the needs defined by others. I hide the transparency, wrapped in softness and gentleness of the social illusion of security, to see who wants to discover it. I want change. A change that will exceeds my actions. I initiate a flow of thoughts. Let the light be revealed. A reaction is necessary. Just as the nature of opposites that forces everything to change and evolve. Just as the truth and reality, domination and submission, white and black. I work by means of people, by means of thoughts that are meaningless if not backed up by deeds. I can feel it happening and I don't want it to stop inside me."

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