Marko Kovačič


Photo: DK


Hybaria is a mysterious mythological creature, a monster from the swamps (Barje), bearing a name that is a combination of the Hydra, the water snake, and of (Ljubljansko) Barje, where it was allegedly seen again after a long time. The gods of ancient peoples occupied different fantastical and mythological creatures and had a great impact on the human beliefs. These creatures decided human fortunes and misfortunes, had an effect on health, success and other important things, so they had to be taken care for, bribed and sacrificed to … Hybaria is a seven-headed monster, protector of Ljubljansko barje, hidden in the canopies during the day, that adopts its true form only during the night. It occasionally appears in the canopies of trees in the Tivoli Park, while her heads are winking at us from the windows of the Tivoli Palace as well.

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