The Lights of the Universe

Piotr Majewski


Photo: Adrian Chmielewski


Starry sky can best be seen from the Atacama Desert in Chile. That is why the European Southern Observatory (ESO) — to which Poland belongs recently — has placed there the most advanced astronomical instruments. Tracking the light of the Universe duties include four large VLT telescopes and a network of dozens of radio telescopes ALMA. They acquire the most meticulous images of cosmic objects which can be obtained from the Earth's surface. Crop of scientists work with ESO gathered Piotr Majewski — journalist of Polish Radio PiK, Master of Polish Speech, popularizer of astronomy, the creator of copyright medium in the network under the name The result is a multimedia installation of "Light of the Universe", which combines the richness of the most beautiful illustration of space and audio narration. We invite you for a fascinating walk along the trail of the Milky Way!

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