Magic at the Golden Gate




Magic at the golden gate is light installation where the color, surface and size influence the technology of the slides, manufactured to fulfill Festival Visualia`s needs. These artists always work with different techniques at each showed surface. Every surface is different, therefore it is always a big surprise for the visitors/viewers. LuMenArtist are the biggest illumination art group in Hungary and since 2011. have had illuminated and projected on to all kinds of surfaces and backgrounds, even on black painted walls. If you ask them to describe themself in few words, they would say: "Let there be light!". As light being their primary tool of creation, LuMenArtist master it by experience. It takes light photons eight minutes to travel from the sun to the earth. As night falls, darkness kicks in. These are two cosmic forces LuMenArtist use in their decorative creations. Light and night triggers all kinds of emotions inside the human mind - colorful light, moving light, and lovely light, in all kinds of staggering patterns. They know how turn and twitch the knobs of their visually attractive installations, to teletransport your mind and body into a world of wonder. They create atmospheres no one has ever seen before and no one has ever experienced. Free your mind and wander into a big magical lantern spread out all over the festival ground.

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