Spectrum16 is a program funded with the support of the European Commission which aims to enhance the art of light in public spaces. Spectrum is a strong international platform promoting collaborations in Light Art. This year, Spectrum is about Transnational Light and is a succession of several European Light Festivals. It is cooperation of four European countries (Croatia, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia), with the Portuguese studio Ocubo leading the project for the third consecutive year. Beyond the partner countries, an ever growing number of European countries are involved with participating artists, curators and mentors.

The common thread of the program is to invite artists from several countries to submit artworks of light, including the local communities in an educational and participatory perspective. It promotes tutoring between members to include them in European associations with the clear objective of widening the audience, easing mobility of creators throughout Europe and sowing education practices in the field of Light.

Spectrum16 is also about education and training. Based on its spreading recognition through the professional field of Light, Spectrum attracts mentors and provides them with a frame within they can pass on their knowledge to students, linking the professional and educational spheres. With concrete actions in schools/universities or on the field, many pupils, students and trainees are being involved in workshops, talks, debates or round tables, encouraging critical thinking of space, light and energy consumption.

With experience sharing between members in audience development and management in free events, the members are continuously reaching new audiences in age, socio-cultural background and geographical location.

A website has been created to present the final works made by the artists, together with the public and EU citizens in the public space, making it possible to have an open window to the EU and to all countries in the world.


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